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It also gives the show added layers of mystery – everyone wants to know how we got here.PW: Are you surprised at the man Andrew’s turned into?

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“and yesterday i celebrated five months of sobriety.

i’m relatively new to being sober, considering the scope of time that i’ve been an addict.

And watching Felicity Huffman act is like watching a continuously moving piece of art – she’s absolutely brilliant.

actor Shawn Pyfrom is opening up about his own struggle with addiction following the shocking death of Philip Seymour Hoffman to an apparent drug overdose. philip seymour hoffman, and against the advise of others; i had to write this open letter. i am an alcoholic and a drug addict,” the 27-year-old actor/arist wrote on his blog.

to keep from ever using, or to find the strength to stop; then it’s more important that these words are shared.