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Those canaps are expensive yo, you should enjoy them too!I put my bridesmaids in all black because, one, black is timeless and elegant. It also made my life easy as I told the girls they could do what they wanted and pick the style they liked and with the colour being black there were ample options.

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The five passengers had been taken on a trip round Robben Island on the boat when, according to reports, kelp got stuck in the boat's turbines bringing it to a halt.

Water then poured into the V-Craft Jet boat, causing it to sink.

She currently hosts Strictly Come Dancing South Africa and Top Billing on SABC3.

She also produces and presents 5FMs You Tube property, 5FM TV.

The theme tune for the wedding was Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”. My colour scheme was nudes and pinks with a hint of gold and a pop of deep purple to break the monotiny.