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“I believe actors get more interesting as they get older,” she says.

“You’ve lived, you’ve loved, you’ve made mistakes, you’ve encountered death, you have so much to share in the way of experience, but this is also precisely the time the parts aren’t forthcoming any more.” It sounds like a gloomy prognosis. Rather, she seems energised and excited about playing a drunken American matriarch in The Long Road South at the King’s Head Theatre, Islington.

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Sally is an ordinary girl who thinks she is extraordinary, and I could relate to that.

I got swept up by the dream of what acting can really be,” she says. I think a lot of young people choose acting because they don’t want to settle for being just one person. You don’t want to be hemmed in by an expectation of being a particular kind of person.

It’s a childlike thing in a way, deferring taking responsibility for who you are.

“When I was a younger actor, I neglected so much of everyday living, keeping in touch with family and friends, that kind of thing,” she adds.

The intimacy of his in-the-round staging only amplifies the fact that the play consists of a stream of declamatory monologues.