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A sip of coffee and I hit David with my first question: “So. “In fact,” he says, “John heard I was thinking about moving there and he was like …” (David contorts his face into a skeptical “Yeah, right,” look.) It’s adorable. Instead, he found it endearing and says that it’s reflective of what former mayor Tom Murphy once described to him as Pittsburgh’s greatest strength and greatest weakness — “tenacious tribalism.” We’ll wear that shoe, won’t we, Pittsburgh? Nick’s Church, expecting an explosion of anger, as his impassioned letter to the editor about the very subject had recently been published in the .

Instead, he channels his passion into logical arguments supported by the facts that come with exhaustive research.

’” He pauses to greet Square Cafe owner Sherree Goldstein, who has appeared behind the counter. Why aren’t the diocese, the city, and the parish sitting down and saying, “Here’s what we need. ” It’s a question we don’t know the answer to, but as David hints, the answer lies within the realm of power, money and fear, instead of within the realm of heritage, preservation and compromise. He’ll be leaving the next morning to prepare for his new television series. “Maybe Vancouver,” he says, “But I’m going to make the case for it to be filmed in Pittsburgh. ” A quick hug and our late breakfast ends as I head into the surprisingly warm October sunshine in the bustling Regent Square neighborhood.

An effervescent and immediately likable woman, Sherree clearly has a friendly rapport with David. She introduces herself to me, but I have a mouth full of apples and there’s whipped cream all over my face. I ask, “If the city didn’t pull away from the lawsuit. If everything that could possibly have been done to save the church took place. David stays behind to further nurse his cup of coffee and chat with his neighborhood friends.

“The diocese has saddled the parish with an insurance premium that the diocese chose to take on,” he says.