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[Brent] and I spent a good amount of time together working on the characters and their dynamic and hanging out and being friends in general.

Regardless of any actor I'm playing opposite, if there is a love dynamic, you better believe there is a spark and there's emotion behind it."For those asking, unfortunately yes, Taylour Paige and Adam Senn will not be a part of #Hit The Floor for S4.

She's going to call Pete and wait on the street for him to come pick her up?

His thing was about letting people in and being himself and taking off the mask.

La Rosa said of the scene, "That was so terrible to film ... At the table read, there were a few actors who actually teared up.

Hit The Floor will return for 10 episodes starting in May. Based on Bennett being a suit in the r40 pic, I think that he'll be a businessman involved with Jude instead of Zero. This show could be so much better, it's too bad it doesn't have better people behind it.

…Billy Baldwin, Lynn Whitfield, Andy Buckley & Jonathan Bennett Join ‘Hit The Floor’ On VH1 Billy Baldwin (Gossip Girl), Lynn Whitfield (Stepmom), Andy Buckley (Veep, The Office) and Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls, Dancing With The Stars) have been tapped for recurring roles on Season 3 of …What r44? There is hardly any character development with these two characters.

Asked about the visible chemistry between Zero and Jude, Senn says it stems from their close real-life relationship with Antonello.“Brent and I right away both got along as friends.