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Pretty weird; there was a post somewhere in my google search that led me this route, and I was surprised as to how it worked.

I couldn't find it anymore, but credit where credit is due, someone else figured out that Invoke-ing a Render or lower priority task will result in the UI being redrawn.

Open() End Sub Private Sub Button8_Click(By Val sender As System. Text & " ;" j = "SELECT ID FROM books WHERE ID=" & txtbook_id. Text & "', '" & "Borrowed" & "', '" & txtborrow_from.

Connection String = str Connection String cnn OLEDB. Click i = "SELECT Lib_Book1, Lib_Book2, Lib_Book3 FROM members WHERE ID=" & txtmem_id. Command Text = "UPDATE books SET Borrowed_By, Bk_Status, Bk_From, Bk_Due = '" & txtmem_id.

Since we don't want to do anything, I created an empty delegate. When the Dispatcher Priority is set to Render (or lower), the code will then execute all operations that are of that priority or higher. Content to something else, which will result in a render operation. Invoke, the code essentially asks the system to execute all operations that are Render or higher priority, thus the control will then render itself (drawing the new content).