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And if at the subatomic level, all that exists is energy – waves of information, a field of all possibilities – then we too are made up of this energy.

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So what does the new physics have to do with spirituality?

“The transition from classical to quantum physics marks a genuine revolution in our understanding of the physical world.” – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Einstein declared that matter is made up of energy. When physicist study matter under a microscope, they find that at the subatomic level there is nothing solid about matter.

Recently I’ve been visiting the website, NHNE – Near Death Experience Network, at , and watching the wonderful videos there.

Hundreds of people are now sharing their stories of miraculous recovery and spiritual renewal in a public format that wasn’t possible years ago.

If the set of operations satisfies certain mathematical properties , then the measured decay can be shown to be an invariant exponential with a rate fixed uniquely by features of the error model.