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💬 Home🔎 Search📅 Latest Identity Help Open discussion area. Thanks, Nick Nick, it is difficult to say whether the item is shipped or not.

Should I be concerned, or am I just being a bit paranoid?

Outrageous price increases is my main reasoning for me quitting buying specimens. But I have had some really good deals found via e Bay and the 'net so sometimes its worth the wait.

So I figured trading and finding my own specimens is the way to go, for me personally. Most likely, the package will be towards the end of June, judging by the last 4-5 packages I got from there. I'm in the UK Scott, so I don't know if that will make any difference to the time I have to wait.

As the others have said it can often take up to 2 months or more to get items from Pakistan. If the seller has posted a tracking number on ebay and it starts with RB then you know it has been shipped Pakistan post.