User control in updatepanel not updating

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Force Update of an Updatepanel within an Updatepanel Hi I'm trying to Update an Updatepanel within an Updatepanel. I am also not able to get the usercontrol to work properly in the webpart as I need to have the scriptmanager s...

Update(), which does the update the contents of Update Panel2, but I want to only update Update Panel2 and not other items in Update Panel1 and Update Panel2. I want this interaction to happen in an Update Panel so that the screen doesn't postback, but I can't seem to get it to work. There is a usercontrol sitting in this webpart and the content in the usercontrol is updated via a updatepanel using Atlas. NET will not allow me to add the usercontrol into the webpart since there is already a Scriptmanager sitting on the main page.

The advantages are extensive – the state of your multimedia (such as Adobe Flash or Windows Media) is unchanged, bandwidth costs are reduced, and the client does not experience the flicker usually associated with a postback. NET technology brings an object-oriented and event-driven programming model and unites it with the benefits of compiled code.

However, its server-side processing model has several drawbacks inherent in the technology: Enter Microsoft's ASP. AJAX, which stands for A synchronous J ava Script A nd X ML, is an integrated framework for providing incremental page updates via cross-platform Java Script, composed of server-side code comprising the Microsoft AJAX Framework, and a script component called the Microsoft AJAX Script Library. NET AJAX extensions also provide cross-platform support for accessing ASP. This whitepaper examines the partial page updates functionality of the ASP.

When some object is selected in the first user control, then I am firing my event, which causes update of the second one. I can't figure out the update panel won't update. There’s probably a good explanation why, but I don’t know it. I have two user controls on my page, both within Update Panels.