Updating a jdbc with ms access

I am getting an error when I am using the update statement in my program. BOLD, 11)); Grid Bag Constraints gbc_btn Update = new Grid Bag Constraints(); gbc_btn Update.insets = new Insets(0, 0, 5, 5); gbc_btn Update.gridx = 3; gbc_btn Update.gridy = 3; content Pane.add(btn Update, gbc_btn Update); btn Visible(false); btn Action Listener(new Action Listener() ); update Mode_Of_Payment_Profile set Mode_Of_Payment_Profile_Type='mode'', Mode_Of_Payment_Profile_Description='FOO' , Mode_Of_Payment_Profile_Creation_Date='' where Mode_Of_Payment_Profile_ID='someid' The two adjacent single-quotes get treated as an escaped single-quote, so the parser thinks the literal string is "mode', Mode_Of_Payment_Profile_Description=", then it thinks the next token is whatever value you're passing in for Mode_Of_Payment_Profile_Description. "); String(1, get Modeof Payment Type); String(2, get Modeof Payment Description); String(3, currdate); String(4, get Mode ID); This way you don't have to do error-prone things like inserting arguments using string concatenation and handling the quoting yourself.If you were to replace use of String connect Params = "//F://eclipse_Luna_64_Development_Workspace//Project JAVA//LIC_AGENCY_TRACKER//DATABASE//LIC_DATA_TRACKER.accdb"; Connection connection = dbcon. It reduces the opportunities for SQL injection (since the Prepared Statement will look out for embedded escape characters) and is more readable.

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This technical blog talks about how our managed service architecture lends itself to multiple cloud platforms easily, enabling us to move to other cloud platforms in a very short span of time.

Similar foundation blocks are used in the IBM Cloud Flex Offerings.

Have you ever wished that Jackcess could handle field "default values" (or other expressions)? Experimental support for expression evaluation has finally landed in the 2.2.0 release.

See the expression package javadocs for more details.

Work with Access databases from virtually anywhere through a standard ODBC Driver interface.