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Visit: the Stock Exchange Palace, the Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral, the church of Cedofeita (Romanesque), the Clerigos tower (Porto’s ex-libris of Baroque architecture) and church; the church of Sao Francisco, of Romanesque origin, with its interior covered in gilded carvings, and the church of Carmo, with tiled facades.

Museums: Soares dos Reis, Casa de Serralves (modern art), Casa-Museu de Guerra Junqueiro and the Romantic Style Museum of Quinta da Macieirinha.

It also keeps alive traditional values while pushing ahead with a dynamic, innovative spirit in its commercial and industrial life.

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A paradise of unspoiled natural resources, the region is a perfect place for mountain trekking, canoeing or simply resting up in the spa towns of Carvalhelhos, Chaves, and Pedras Salgadas.

Vidago has a magnificent park with swimming pools and a golf course.

Signs of prehistoric men are seen in the ancient cave paintings in Vila Nova de Foz Coa.

Elsewhere, medieval castles and convents or Romanesque little churches dot the landscape.

Notice the original balconies of the houses in Rua Direita Portugal’s birthplace, with medieval castle and walls, houses a magnificently well-preserved historic center.