Tet a tet dating russia

Cronkite’s TV broadcast all but doomed the reelection campaign of President Lyndon Baines Johnson; in April Mc Carthy won the Wisconsin primary by a stunning ten points and LBJ bowed out of the race.

osef Goebbels called it the Big Lie, the deliberate misrepresentation of facts and reality in order to achieve a political objective.

It’s been part and parcel of the New World Disorder we’ve lived under for the past century, ever since Vladimir Lenin first used a Big Lie to disguise his seizure of power from Russia’s post-czar provisional government in November 1917, by telling the Russian people he was preventing a coup not perpetrating one.

By the end of 1969, over 70 percent of South Vietnam’s population was rated by the U. military as under government control, compared with 42 percent at the beginning of 1968. Almost from the moment the first shots were being fired, skeptics of the war effort in the mainstream media, including CBS News icon Walter Cronkite, would use Tet to prove that the war wasn’t being won as the Johnson administration was claiming.

They went further, representing the failed attacks on the U. embassy in Saigon and other sites as symbols of Communist , reporters caught in the fighting systematically used it to turn the reality of American victory into an image of American and South Vietnamese defeat (reporting for example that Vietcong had overrun five floors of the U. embassy when in fact the VC had never even gotten inside the building).

The TV channel appeared on air in Kyiv on January 24, 1992, under the name “Tet-a-tet” and became the first alternative to the “solid” state television.