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But it’s just as well that the country had to wait so long for it, because that only increases the joy at the fact that it is finally over, for now. Because with its achievement, the SPD is indeed not out of the woods yet.The party members decide, and after there was a run for membership, it is no longer certain that the outcome of the negotiation will survive.

This was the headline for the new beginning with Gerhard Schröder, after 16 long years under a Helmut Kohl government.

Back then the coalitioners did not want to change the world but they wanted to change the country fundamentally, they wanted an awakening instead of a gridlock. The current agreement, which even Angela Merkel calls “small-scale” – and she is the master of dismantling problems beyond recognition – is not a sign of trust in Germany’s power for renewal.

Especially since the party base, in addition to astounding success, when it comes to content and to the ministries, also has a lot to swallow – with both content and positions in government. For the incumbent Chancellor, it can become even more painful over time.

Internal coalition negotiations still lie ahead Schulz is the most prominent example. To do sixteen years, like Kohl did, there is still a long way to go.

The agreement can be seen as a retro-event, framed by the Gro Ko [Grand coalition] doctrine of strict adherence to the things once agreed.