Shane dawson speed dating

The chance of receiving a gift in the mail increases as your friendship with Shane increases. Don't tell anyone, but I snagged this from the back room of Joja Mart ages ago. -Shane Shane shares a beer with the player, on the dock of the small lake, and describes his depression.Hey, I thought it would be fun to send you a letter. He expresses optimism for the player's future and warns against drinking heavily.

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He tells you that he's going to recommend Shane to a counselor in Zuzu City once he wakes up.

The next day, Shane will arrive at your farm to tell you that he intends to go to counselling.

When you enter the ranch, Jas leads you through the door in the kitchen that is normally locked.

Inside, Shane is painting a sign that says "Fresh Eggs." He's surrounded by his flock of special blue chickens and his favorite white chicken, Charlie.

When Marnie asks him what his plans for the future are, Shane says that he hopes he "won't be around long enough to need a plan." Jas overhears and runs away crying; Marnie follows her while Shane looks at the ground and murmurs an apology.