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Eating healthy is one of your top priorities when you are an adult. So you can find us at the nearest drive thru or ordering pizza. As an adult, there always seems to be something to worry about.

With busy schedules, it’s hard to even put a meal plan together.

Your bed will be where you spend most of your time, whether you’re doing homework or watching Netflix.

But with this on your wall it will be hard to miss anything!

Most of us not only go to school, but we are also trying to juggle jobs and a social life. Pair it with a good soundtrack and you are ready to dance the stress away. If you have a problem as an adult in this day and age, you can just google it. The pressure becomes so much that there comes a point when we all decide that the bare minimum will suffice.

From sex offenders to crime ratings to environmental hazards, Homefacts is your go-to resource for the latest information in your neighborhood.

A friend of mine and her husband travel to Atlanta at least twice a year — it’s their city.

In the search results, you can view the location of each registered offender on a map, as well as click through to their individual profiles to see a photo and offense or statute details.