Pre dating wood

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These findings challenge the interpretation of the results obtained from dating the olive branch from the Santorini volcanic eruption, as it could predate the eruption by a few decades.

In addition, our results are also significant for any future studies based on archaeologically preserved olive wood.

Cambial growth in the respective vascular region in the stem will also cease, while the rest of the tree can continue to live normally.

A similar phenomenon, where regions on the circumference of the tree’s cross-section may die while others continue to grow have been reported for a number of coniferous species growing under adverse conditions, and as they grow in close proximity, the friction at their interface can cause bark breakage.

We first analyzed a living branch, which was bearing other smaller branches with many green leaves from an olive tree growing at a location called Havat Hanania in northern Israel (Fig. The branch was cut in 2013, and the tree was likely originally planted in the 1930s.