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The food was excellent, though we just stayed at the smaller stools behind our Sultan, watching the jugglers and musicians.It wasn't until the replacement of the torches that the other Sultan clapped his hands."Now, for the festivities of the Night!Tous ont leur place, à commencer par les chiens, les chats, mais également l’ensemble des rongeurs, les furets, les lapins et les reptiles.

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Il y a dix ans, les réseaux sociaux n’avaient pas encore pris toute la place qu’ils occupent actuellement dans notre société.

"The jugglers and such filed out, slaves coming in carrying cushions, blankets, bowls, etc.

I presumed we were due for an orgy, but I was soon to be proven wrong; no, what we saw that night was far, far more unnatural than even the most licentious orgy I had ever seen."My lord," the other Sultan said to ours, "do you enjoy entertainments of a carnal nature?

He shook his head and flipped his tail when I looked at him, as if he knew I was watching.