Noel fielding is dating

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Noel fielding is dating

He is also a cast on a TV documentary series known as Wildlife in 2005. With such a busy career and schedule, it is clear that Noel cannot get time to date. So his successful career has given him a massive wealth, but the fact that he has to live alone because he decided not to get married and kept his career above his married life or wife makes him highly dedicated to what he does.

Noel has left Dee for Pixie geldof who is practically half his age.

a show that follows Noel and his team from Fitzpatrick referral who attempt to cure to cure pets who may be beyond saving through the use of surgical operations and cutting-edge treatments.

The show currently airs on Channel 4 Network and was nominated for the best factual entertainment series by Tv Choice Awards.

Noel Fitzpatrick believes in love so much, and his has faith that one day he will fall in love with the right woman.