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Visit Stack Exchange I'm running a 4 servers master-master cluster of My Sql. Replication topology: 1 - 1 UPDATE It seems that server 3 has its SBM at 0, while the other servers are jumping up and down. It looks like the server is busy doing something, and there is a huge delay between when the server gets the statement, and when it executes it. After disabling cache, server 4 is ok but 1&2 are still having this issue. id=60696 If anyone knows how to fix it, i would be glad to hear There is one flaw with mysql's seconds_behind_master value: it only takes into account the position relative to one upstream hop away.

(2 servers version 5.1, and 2 version 5.5) While checking the slave status, i see the seconds_behind_master at 0, and half a second after i see it jumps to 2000, and so fourth. Easiest demonstrated with a slightly simpler replication topology: server1 - server3 If server2 falls behind, and is processing some long-running queries, the following will happen, assuming as start point: : Everyone ok : server1 writes two 10-minute queries to the binlog, no replication delay anywhere : server2 starts processing query one. : server2 is done with query 2, replication delay zero again.

set_sql_sql_\ sql_sql_sql_\ sql_sql_sql_\ return error ? HA_ADMIN_CORRUPT : HA_ADMIN_OK; } @@ -679,22 679,22 @@ int ha_myisam::repair(THD *thd, MI_CHECK char buf[40]; /* TODO: respect myisam_repair_threads variable */ my_snprintf(buf, 40, "Repair with %d threads", my_count_bits(key_map)); locked_tables) mi_lock_database(file, F_UNLCK); DBUG_RETURN(error ?

HA_ADMIN_FAILED : @@ -986,7 986,7 @@ int ha_myisam::enable_indexes(uint mode) THD *thd=current_thd; MI_CHECK param; const char *save_proc_info=thd-initialize_tables(this)) { DBUG_PRINT("error",("Error: initialize_tables() failed")); @@ -1101,9 1102,10 @@ JOIN::optimize() join_tab[const_tables]!

As you might have found when testing My SQL Server 6.0, alpha quality code could jeopardize the stability of the entire release.