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DISCLAIMER: This book series deals with themes of both child abuse and domestic abuse, and as such reader discretion is advised.

Each time her situation looks to be improving, some irresistible urge causes her to hammer the self-immolation button and send herself back to the emotional wasteland.

Surprisingly sweet excerpts from Mary’s intended speech at the wedding (later undermined by a cunning narrative coup) are, in voiceover, layered across the trip home to an indifferent welcome.

Mary is a complex, clever, internally convoluted personality whose motivations are beyond economic summary.

The splendid Seána Kerslake – sharp edged voice emerging from soft features – arrives like a spinning top set loose upon a house of cards and continues to create glorious havoc throughout the film’s nippy 82 minutes.

In the year that also gave us Room and Viva, Mad Mary remains a serious contender for best Irish release of 2016.