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Like going to the temple, general conference should be a personal experience.

Of course, you’ll probably be surrounded by family and friends as you listen, but taking a date (by sheer definition of the word) turns general conference into a two-person activity.

From the “dating experts” at, we give you the ultimate list of first date no-no’s: Don’t get us wrong, a swimming date can be awesome, but a hot tubbing date, well . We absolutely believe that everyone should attend the temple as often as they can! In a way, you’re asking your date to share something more personal and profound with you than most people care to express by even the fourth or fifth date.

You have no right to “test” her spirituality, and it’s wildly inappropriate to show off yours. Additionally, the feelings you experience in the temple can be deep, even powerful.

You may, for example, experience a sense of peace while you’re there (and so may she), but if you then jump to conclusions about those feelings should be applied, you could be doing some serious misinterpreting.

And while we’re on the subject of misinterpreting, let’s talk about mission reunions.

Movies are a traditional date night activity, even though they don't really give a couple a chance to talk unless dinner is part of the package.

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