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NO SADIXAM WIv APOi NS^: Bush, Blair face mounting criticism over absence of proof page 4 The Straits Times PACIFIC AREA NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR r Y tl Ea MAed 1845 Wcclll CSQciy June 4, 2003 148 Pages m six parts mita (p) 033/03/2003 A^JMi A Singapore Press Holdings publication v J\J (Doctors allowed to move around Health-care workers can move between hospitals again as tough restrictions to contain Sars are relaxed m phases WITH no new Sars case reported here for more than three weeks, public and private health-care workers are being allowed, m phases, to move freely across hospitals and IN COURT: Nine hauled up for filthy habits Ben Nadarajan FOR five minutes m court last night, beer promoter Low Ai Cheng, 48, insisted that she was no litterbug.

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Citing feedback from key fund managers and from top companies here m which it has stakes, it says there are difficulties m measuring the value of options and questions over WORLD NEW AIR CHAOS FROM STRIKES TRAVELLERS m western Europe faced massive disruptions as air, transport and other workers m France, Austria and Italy went on strike.

A new walkout by French air traffic controllers grounded four out of five flights to and from France.

Singapore isn't really the shopping paradise that it's cracked up to COMMENTARY ROAD MAP MARKED BY DOUBT PRESIDENT George W.

Bush's extraordinary summit meeting today with the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers generates hope for the American-backed peace plan known as the road map.

The effort involves SPORTS WHY COACH CHOW QUIT TAMPMES TAMPINES Rovers coach Chow Kwai Lam resigned on Monday, not over any squabble on player selection or the club chairman's reputation for being too interfering but over a pair shorts. The bad debts are being run up by professionals and Where are the weapons, Mr Bush? ' We have not found any of these chemical shells capable of being used m 45 minutes or 45 hours.