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The Sun reported that Bridge "flirts her way through the song" with her vocals.

Many artists have expressed views in collaborating with Bridge including Bruno Mars and Flo Ridawho stated that he would like to work with her as a solo act.

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The dance moves alone were enough to have us head over heels- never mind the fact that the band members were probably too young to even hear their songs played at teenage discos. Allow us to make you feel every bit your age as we re-introduce you to the band.

Frankie Sandford: She went on to join The Saturdays, a huge success and she’s married to footballer Wayne Bridges. Rochelle Hume: Also a member of The Saturdays (currently taking a hiatus), is spending her time off hosting loved Calvin.

Sandford is married to Wayne Bridge, with whom she had her first child, a son, in October 2013.

And Calvin Goldspink, 23, has moved on from singing to try and make it as an actor, starring in the CW channel's Life Is Wild and taking on the role of James Middleton in a TV movie about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

They married in a private ceremony in ; the couple have two sons Parker Bridge and Carter Bridge.