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Avoid the urge to check your messages and text a friend while you’re on a date.

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Having someone special in it will just make it that much better. Even if there is no chemistry on your date, don’t be rude and walk out.

What if your date happens to have a friend he or she’d be happy to introduce to you that would be a better fit?

: Well, yelling doesn’t work because they’re deaf, you know? When I save up enough I’m gonna quit teaching and become a professional blackjack player. Every night has the potential to be horrifying, hilarious, thrilling, and completely preposterous all at once when you’re dating online, and the great thing is – you never have to see the person again.

They don’t really prepare you for that in the classes. Gambling is so much more fun than working with deaf kids. So yeah, I know you’re a little afraid, but keep this in mind when considering joining the universe of computer romance: no matter how badly it goes, at the end of the night you can say goodbye to the cretin. It’s like being part of a phenomenon – a terrifying and almost certain to fail phenomenon that very well might leave you with herpes. And you know that no matter what happens, no matter how badly it goes, how silly you look when your jokes fail or you insult people with physical disabilities, that tomorrow night you get a fresh start.

Experts know that online dating can be a numbers game.

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