The West Vernor & Springwells BID assessment is based on a property’s assessed value, and supports a variety of services in a collective, cost-effective and efficient manner on behalf of BID property owners.The property owners, through their elected Board of Directors, determine services and cost-effective investing of the funds to create visible change in the business district, while increasing sales and property values.more important, since large retailers often dispute CAM fees or pay only a percentage …


These services are in addition to those currently provided by the governing municipality.

In winter 2001, the State of Michigan passed legislation to allow the creation of BIDs. At least 48 other states already have long-established BIDs, cities such as Milwaukee, New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington D. have dozens of BIDs covering not just their downtowns, but their neighborhood business strips as well.

State of Michigan legislation allows the West Vernor business community to petition the City of Detroit to legally create a formal BID for West Vernor and Springwells.

Until the business community meets the legal specifications for formalizing a West Vernor/Springwells BID, the Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA) is helping business and property owners by overseeing a Voluntary BID on three sections of West Vernor.

The legislation, and the West Vernor Voluntary BID, are based on a benefit assessment model.