Drew fuller dating

He was on the cover of the UCLA after being discovered by an agent when he was just 12 years old.

Not only is he an actor, but also is a former model for brands like J. Besides that, Drew is a motorcycle racer and fan of sports as well.

He frequently gives glimpses of his family on his social platforms featuring his parents and a sibling.

It might be hard to believe, but if you go and check out the actor’s social media accounts, you’ll find that they are filled with flirtatious pictures of Claire and him.

He seems quite active in Twitter and Instagram where he shares numerous tweets dedicated to the lady. His Instagram is full of the beauty queen pictures and he regularly shares snaps of The Pacific actress and himself.

However, the American actor hasn’t given any clarification regarding the subject matter.

further flourished his career and took to a new height.

And there’s only one thing that we can make out from the feature, they were indeed dating. She has been showing off her slim, model like figure to her followers and seems to have moved on after her break up with the hot Drew Fuller.