Dating service ad

The ad also asks a question (another effective strategy to test in your ads) and has a clear call to action that offers the benefit of seeing Pics and Profiles for free. Like, e Harmony also had an 88.3% Impression Share over the last 3 months, though averaged a much lower position, showing up with an average ad position of 5.5.

The landing page they’re testing here is quite simple. Average ad position is something worth testing in Ad Words.

These 4 have Impression Shares of 87% or higher (that means of ALL the searches performed for the keyword “online dating” on Google, the ads of these companies appeared at least 87% of the time).

They’re taking an approach you’ll see in a lot of hyper-competitive markets.

Their ad is not about selling you on signing up for their offering.

Again, you’ll notice a lot of copy under the table—similar to but different from

At, the copy is about the features readeres should consider when comparing dating sites.

The ad is fairly straight forward and, like, e Harmony benefits from a very well known brand so can effectively use their company name in their ad.