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The first item of the task was to find the century of the Mahabharata War. With Krishna’s death also established now on 2-18-3102 BCE, his birth dates by scholars Dr. Achar, Sampath Ayengar and Sheshgiri (3112 BCE), are no more applicable.

The Mahabharata epic is full of the time references right up to the war that Dwapar Yuga (the 3rd part of the 4 Yuga system) is ongoing and the Kaliyuga (the 4th part) would be coming soon. Now we will proceed to place the Mahabharata War start’s month and day.

Mahabharata is the closest epic to our time and is replete with many references to the astronomical phenomena.

Krishna’s Bhagvat Gita is the most unique philosophical gem; but it would be interesting to see if it came from a real person and time.

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