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Number of Iraqis who died of violence 2003-2011: 150,000 to 400,000. Iraqi refugees displaced by the American war to Syria: 1 million Internally displaced [pdf] persons in Iraq: 1.3 million Proportion of displaced persons who have returned home since 2008: 1/8 Rank of Iraq on Corruption Index among 182 countries: 175 COMMENT: From the Canadian International Council website, John Tirman, wrote (Dec.

16, 2011): War has a powerful impact on those who have lived through one, bending every calculation, every thought, every action to the possible consequences of violence, deprivation, displacement and the other ravages of conflict.

The lowest estimate of all the household surveys—a large, randomized sample conducted by the Ministry of Health in the spring of 2006—was 400,000 excess deaths in the 2003-2006 period, and there was still a lot of killing to come.

By using data on widows, displaced persons (up to 5 million), and the household surveys, I estimate the number of war-related dead to be at least 600,000 and possibly as much as one million. There is very little on how the war has affected ordinary Iraqis. office gathers data from morgues, the military and news reports, but this “passive surveillance” captures only a fraction of the war dead and cannot explain what is being missed.

in October 2004, measuring the war-related mortality in the war's first 18 months.