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The country has made a concerted effort to improve the rights of women in accordance with the Sharia, at the same time keeping their responsibilities in mind as well.

The rules of modesty in Islamic culture require a woman to be modestly covered at all times, especially when traveling farther from the home.

The main goal of this unit was to set up classes for women to learn basic household skills and day-care centers for the handicapped and disabled.

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Though students protested, many women had to transfer to other institutions; this has changed and even females are allowed to be in it.

Ever since the 1970s, women typically educated overseas were encouraged to return to Oman and help to "rebuild the nation." With a leader who embraced the ideals of modernization and progress, women were able to hold jobs in nearly every profession: banking, medicine, engineering, teaching, etc.

Sultan Qaboos also recently signed the Decent Work Country Programme, a service dedicated to increase job opportunities for women as well as stand for justice, equality, and freedom.

The program is supposed to be implemented from 2010 to 2013.

The abroadees also brought with them the liberal and open attitude of their host countries, including the idea of equal gender relations.