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It’s helpful to understand that passive aggression—and outright teasing—is often a reaction to the stress of a bad relationship.

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And if you’re no longer hanging out, well, the writing’s on the wall.

“If your partner starts ‘acting single,’ it’s a clear sign you’re going to be dumped,” says Jonathan Bennett, a certified counselor and relationship coach in Columbus, Ohio.

I brushed out my beach waves and dulled them down with a flat-iron. Ever so suddenly, I felt a delicate tap on my shoulder. It’s not that she was hideous, but she had no sex appeal.

I don’t need many things, but, Irresponsible Zara didn’t say anything. * After a few bar drinks, Dylan and I sat down for dinner. At first, I thought it was a *little* thirsty for my taste, but I quickly reminded myself that I was simply used to apathetic assholes prone to ghosting. By the end of dinner, I had put together a plan for Dylan to get her ex back. In fact, she ended up proposing to her ex exactly two months after that fateful night. I learned something very interesting about life that night: anytime I take myself too seriously, anytime I get cocky and feel like the hottest shit on the planet, the beautiful universe has a wonderful way of knocking me back into reality.

According to a survey of 100 mental health professionals conducted by the dating site Your Tango, communication problems are the most common factor leading to divorce.