Dating aaron cutler

So much for the rumored Aaron Rodgers homosexual affair with his former trainer.For the week leading up to and after New Year’s, the entire world of web search users acted as if the possibility of Aaron Rodgers being gay was the most important thing in the history of humanity.

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Emo QB Jay Cutler has become a polarizing figure here in Chicago, but everyone likes his wife Kristin Cavallari.

[Read more…] Follow paulmbanks Tagged With: Aaron Rodgers, aaron rodgers gay, Bears, best division in nfl, chicago bears news, chicago bears ranking, Detroit Lions, detroit lions news, Green Bay Packers, is aaron rodgers gay, lions news, Minnesota Vikings, minnesota vikings news, mn vikings, NFC North, nfc north division, NFL, nfl news, NFL Power Rankings, packers, Packers news, strongest division in nfl, toughest division in nfl, vikings, vikings news When you’re the Super Bowl MVP, I guess you can dress and monitor your facial hair in any manner that you deem fit.

Yes, being top dog in the NFL, and “the man” at the most high profile position in all of sports afford you a ton of social capital.

You have the #5 Badgers at 5-0, the reigning Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers as one of the NFL’s two undefeated teams (the Detroit Lions are the other), and the Milwaukee Brewers about to eliminate the Arizona Diamondbacks in their NLDS series.