who is julie cypher dating - Dating a sex addict relationship advice

I am not a sex addict like my husband, who still goes through a box of 20 condoms in a week, but I am happy with the opportunity to have sex with men (and women) that I feel attracted to, without suffering from emotional trauma.It's not the way I imagined my marriage to be, but oh well.Sex or love is just another way people try to dig their way out of depression with. They seize on whoever is available, no matter how unsuitable they are, because it isn't about the other person.

Sex addiction should never be used to excuse heinous actions such as assault, and anyone who does do that does not represent sex addicts as a whole.

It should also be said that just because someone does enjoy sex a lot, doesn’t mean they are a sex addict.

In many cases those relationships might help them a lot. It's about that feeling that you aren't nothing.

Addicts are so full of nothing, that their spouses or partners aren't enough. It's not that they are bad or unattractive, or don't love the addict enough; it's that because of the addiction, the addict can never feel the love or get the boost from sex that they think they will get.

And that brings me to my first point: We aren’t all kinky nymphomaniacs.