Completely polish dating sites

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I went for a few dates with ladies met on this site and even dated one for some time but it did not work out in the long term.

So cannot really complain about the site itself but those polish girls are simply hard nut to crack :( Polisdating is a full scam dating site you do not want to come in contact with.

Pretty sure that these are people (not sure if they are even ladies) Are employed by polishdating to catch naive men - on my case theyve Succeded - for the last time! I joined this site a few years ago, and didn't get any replies to my initial profile.

I totally forgot about it aside from the occasional e-mail reminding me to login and see new profiles.

As soon as you set up an account with them that is the end for you. Please please don't join the dating site no matter what you are told.

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