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Additionally, the older a user is the more likely they are to upload older pictures. If your profile picture is less than 90 days old you’re outside of the norm. Some people lie about how often they go out, how happy they are in their relationships and other innocuous things.

But one of the most surprising – and virtually universal – lies that exists in online dating is one of the tiniest, most boring details about yourself. According to online dating research, average heights as listed on online dating profiles are approximately two inches than the actual real-world average.

But the data from online dating sites is clear: only about 1 in 4 of online daters who self-identify as bisexual are actually actively pursuing or dating both sexes.

Whether it’s an effort to spare her boyfriend’s feelings to protect herself, lying from time to time is something that a lot of women do in their relationships.

If you've experimented with online dating or even met your match online, you're certainly not alone.