who is david morrissey dating - Colton haynes and skyler samuels dating

It is much more likely that his management/publicist/MTV handled it entirely, and quite likely they did not even talk to him about it before they did it.

If the lawyer is acting on Colton's behalf, aren't they legally obligated to inform him of the steps they're taking?

The lawyer's language was offensive, but I don't think its fair to blame the client for that. If he was underage the photos wouldn't have been allowed in the first place. It was completely legal as there was nothing wrong with the photos. The two lead girls are pretty good, too, and I like the dykey psycho aunt.

It was two teenagers making out and being romantic with each other, there was nothing pornographic about it in spite of the language his attorney used. If you don't find the language his lawyer was using offensive then you're a bigot. And Haynes has tried to beard up, so you're full of shit there too. Matt Bomer had pictures online too...being kissed by a former boyfriend. Honestly, the show would be amazing if Tyler Posey did not suck as deafeningly as he does, but the show was so fun and engaging that I almost feel like his suckiness is part of its charm. I think Colton has brought a lot of nuance to what could have been a very cliche character, but he was definitely phoning it in these last couple of episodes. I'm a lesbian so I don't care how cute he is or isn't, but he looks like a human My Little Pony to me.[quote]Anyone else shocked at how good he is on Teen Wolf?

Anyone else shocked at how blinded you are by lust?