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Her CD was very powerful, and didn't get half as much play as it should have. If India was a bit more......."cute" do you think she would have gotten more recognition? I feel that Alicia was a bit more "marketable" and trendy (how many women were sporting Alicia like cornrows afterward? I feel she's very talented but MTV wore this girls videos out! They're just starting to really play the other two(Video being her first) since her nomination.

The performance didn't have the sound quality that one would expect. It also has to do with India's music not being as "cross-over", IMO, as Alicia's is...

And, if you watched closely, you could see the disappointment run across my favorite gospel music artist--Hezekiah Walker's face. But you do have to admit that Miss Keys does have some great PR Reps b/c that chile's face is er'where!

I long for the day though where it is not a clean sweep of the SAME ARTIST but instead the SAME RACE!! I thought it was about time they recognized us voluptuous women! Beyonce and 'em sounded very nice but I was a little tired of seeing Beyonce shaking that weave and trying to upstage everyone.

I hate to say it, but this sounds like the topic turned to "light v. India, Jill and Alicia are each beautiful and talented in their own way. I love OUTKAST as much as the next person but Dre was OUT OF CONTROL with that pink outfit and those SHINE AZZ SHOES !! All WAAAAAAAAY under-publicized for their ginormous talents. Arie did not want to do PR the same way that ALicia Keys does.

This topic dominated a listserve I am on for the ENTIRE day after the GRAMMYS.

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