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Do you need a GE to attend a public charter school? The child needs to go through the application and acceptance process set up by the public charter school. Do you need a GE to attend a public conversion charter school (i.e., a school that converted from a regular public school to a public charter school?

) At this time, conversion charter schools utilize the GE process for enrolling out-of-area students.

Chapter 13, the rule on geographic exceptions, states in part that for applications received by March 1st, notification of the decision shall be mailed no later than two weeks after March 1, unless the student is to be considered in the chance lottery selection process.

The notification should “Inform the applicant that an alternative student may be selected by the principal if the student is not registered at the receiving school within 10 working days from the postmarked date of the mailing.” Thus, the rule does not provide for automatic voiding of all other GE applications.

In order to issue a new ID number and place the student in the electronic student information system database, there are key fields such as student name, age, gender, grade level, birth date, residential address, phone number, pre-school experience, ethnicity, and languages that need to be entered. A written appeal needs to be filed with the receiving school’s Complex Area Superintendent within ten (10) school days of the postmarked date of denial.