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There are classes on all kinds of subjects like cooking, paining, canvas painting and even dancing! Learning something new together will strengthen your bond. Research if any professional comedians are on tour in your area around your anniversary, or find (or perform at) an open mic and enjoy the local talent.

Choose one that you’ll both enjoy like a wine and food festival or an art festival. Spend a day together, and off your cellphones, on a hike.

Pack lunch and snacks for a midday break along the trail.

She's a huge Steelers fan, I'm a huge Panthers fan. Until the Panthers got rocked 43-3damn I am a lucky man.

No matter how many years it’s been, the same two questions come up every year before your anniversary, “What should we do? ” Surprise your partner by having a plan for a romantic anniversary activity or getaway ready to go.

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the relaxation of a weekend getaway.